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New Midgets should be described as "bad weather on mountains"?

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New Yeap.
That way, no connotations about being diminutive or limited could be inferred.

Bad weather, enduring it.

Mountains, being huge in capacity or possibility.

See how stupid this gets, the further you go. "Little People" is pretty much the preferred term, given that the group chose it.
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New But you aren't talking about that specific group.
You're talking about people who might *almost* be dwa--uh, Little People, but aren't.

OK, so any arbitrary height limit may be wrong in some cases: What you, Greg, are talking about is a "physical abnormity" (caused by hormones or hormone deficiencies and stuff); the girl Thane (and most of the rest of the gang) was talking about, OTOH, is apparently one of those "physically normal" people who just *happen* to be at the extreme lower end of the "normal" spectrum.

Witth that definition, I can well imagine that there are actually some dw^H^H Little People who are taller than some "normal" people. Weird, innit?

Anyway: I think the girl Thane was talking about would be just a "very little person", without capitals, as opposed to one of the capitalized "Little People".

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