I bounce between 165 and 175, depending on whether on on Atkins or not. When not, I can easily pick up 5-10 pounds of water which disapears almost immediately when starting the diet again.

I had hit 159, declared victory, and stopped the diet. But 159 is too low for me, I can't maintain it.

Workout between 2 and 4 times a week. Yesterday I ate big, so this morning I burned a thousand calories on the eliptical to balance out. This was 2 days of exercise in a row, which is rare for me.

I've moved from the easy crunches to the vertical situps. Those are HARD.

I installed a chin-up bar about 3 weeks ago in my downstairs bathroom doorway, and do between 50 and 100 pullups every day, in sets of 10.

My appetite is lower than it used to be, and my muscle tone is very good.