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New Still PEBKAC
You asked it to delete the series, and it deleted the series. I'm not seeing how it's anything other than a failure to read the contents of the Yes/No dialogue box.

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New Can you accept a request that's in the past?
If I request a meeting with you and you don't see the invite until after the time/date has passed, Outlook shows a message saying the appointment occurs in the past. So at that level Outlook is aware that appointments in the past are somehow different.

But on a more concrete level, if I have a meeting that has been recurring daily for three weeks, there are now two remaining meetings that I want to cancel, how do I do that? Yes, I can change the end date and programmatically that's the same thing. But here I was, Joe Average User[1], and I didn't think of it that way. I wanted to cancel the remaining two days. I check the online documentation for "cancel meeting" and it tells me to use the item on the Actions menu.

The problem is that Outlook uses the concept of "A recurring meeting". In reality you are scheduling multiple meetings on a regular schedule. I can cancel today's meeting without cancelling tomorrow's. In Outlook, I can cancel one instance of a recurring meeting without cancelling all of them. But there's no method (that I can see) to cancel all remaining instances without cancelling all past instances.

It might have worked had I selected the two remaing meetings and clicked "Delete", but like I said, I couldn't find anything in the documentation saying it would send the update. Would it? If it didn't, how would I get the meeting off of everyone else's calendar?

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New Works as designed. Crappy design. Sorry about that...
New I remember encountering that.
I got to implement recurring meetings in a web-based calender app a few years ago. There were several gotchas that got re-done a few times. Deleting partway through the series was one of them. I do remember explicitly providing the option to delete a single event, or deleting from this point forward - I don't think the app permitted past events to be deleted.

Sidenote: the database structure got a little curly to support editing a series, as well as individual entry.

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