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New Version?
I have Outlook 2003
when I go to delete a recurring appointment in the
calendar it ask when I want to delete the individual
occurance or the entire appointment

don't know about yours

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New And that's the issue
He wanted to delete all future occurances, retaining past history. No way to do that - except by going into the schedule and changing the end date - which is not intuitive.
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     Another way Outlook sucks - (drewk) - (13)
         Is this a case of .... - (andread) - (3)
             Nope - (drewk) - (2)
                 Version? - (andread) - (1)
                     And that's the issue - (jbrabeck)
         Did it ask to open the occurrence or the series? - (altmann) - (1)
             Guessing it asked for the series - (jbrabeck)
         This is PEBKAC - (pwhysall) - (6)
             Disagree - (jbrabeck) - (5)
                 Yep, changing the end date would do it - (drewk)
                 Still PEBKAC - (pwhysall) - (3)
                     Can you accept a request that's in the past? - (drewk) - (2)
                         Works as designed. Crappy design. Sorry about that... -NT - (hnick)
                         I remember encountering that. - (static)

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