The main reason I switched from RH to Debian (back in '02) was the following...I had a circular dependency situation going on between three different libs. No, I don't remember what they were. Basically, I couldn't install the latest version of some package because that would remove the older package, upon which other software relied upon that version and that version only.

Over the course of 6 months, I filed at least 3 bug reports with RH and up2date and wherever else I could find to submit bugs with these RPM packages.

None of them was ever even acknowledged -- much less "closed because [they] don't wanna look at it."

Once fed up enough, I switched from RH to Debian and haven't looked back.

Nothing I have heard in the intervening time makes me believe that RH has fixed ant of these problems inherent to the RPM review/dependency process. (NOTE: I'm not saying that it's the RPM format itself. It just all goes back to Debian's policy, and RPM-based-architectures' lack thereof.)