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New Don't bother
RH: We support what is on our supported list.
WxPython: We TOLD you, you just need to replace lib x with lib y and it should work fine.
RH: If you replace lib x with lib y, then all the software we tested and support will no longer be supported. While it may work, don't bother calling us if it doesn't.

I've run into this situation several times. It is FAR easier (in my case) to get dispensation to run a Debian box for my projects than force our RH boxes to run them. The general rule is if it needs any vendor support it goes on the RH. If it doesn't, we try to place it on RH but we can then fall back.
New My point still stands.
Even if they have no interest in fixing any level of that specific problem, sooner or later someone will ask "how many bugs did we close that we don't want to or can't fix?". That, IMO, is why you should file a bug with RH.

"Insert crowbar. Apply force."
New Bollocks.
The main reason I switched from RH to Debian (back in '02) was the following...I had a circular dependency situation going on between three different libs. No, I don't remember what they were. Basically, I couldn't install the latest version of some package because that would remove the older package, upon which other software relied upon that version and that version only.

Over the course of 6 months, I filed at least 3 bug reports with RH and up2date and wherever else I could find to submit bugs with these RPM packages.

None of them was ever even acknowledged -- much less "closed because [they] don't wanna look at it."

Once fed up enough, I switched from RH to Debian and haven't looked back.

Nothing I have heard in the intervening time makes me believe that RH has fixed ant of these problems inherent to the RPM review/dependency process. (NOTE: I'm not saying that it's the RPM format itself. It just all goes back to Debian's policy, and RPM-based-architectures' lack thereof.)

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