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New Fragile
Ok, the world of applications is not black and white,
there are levels of issues / problems / amounts of crap
that we are willing to put up with.

Don't bother tossing out the "evul payware" red herring,
I don't mind paying for software. I've got recurring
licensing cost for things like Oracle, Syncsort,
various MF<->Linux integration utilities,etc, and I
consider them well worth it.

There is no way that an individual who has experienced
no problems with a individual application can dismiss other
people experiencing problems. Just because your specific
implementation worked does not means others will.


And anyway, my anecdotal evidence > your anecdotal evidence
cuz I spent five and a bit years looking after this crap and
getting to know it rather better than I'd have hoped.

is just as meaningless. You weren't in OUR installations,
seing OUR domain and ADS setup, dealing with OUR networks,
our delegation schemes, our mailbags (what a horrible concept),
our network issues, our (insert the next variable that MS
Exchange seems to trip over), etc, etc, etc.

You have a specific LACK of experience, and then you state that
because YOU didn't experience it, other CAN'T experience it.

That's just plain stupid. Sorry. It is. It certainly isn't

If your point is that Exchange is the best that is out
there, at least for the business realities of the moment,
I won't argue. It probably is, for now. That's life.

But don't discount the pain involved in dealing with it.
There is a tipping point, it may or may not be reached,
we may or may not go to an alternative some day.

But you defending the indefensable, ie: it is fragile,
deal with it, makes you nothing more than an MS apologist.

When you you wave off real problems, saying YOU never saw
them therefor they don't happen, makes you someone to
not to trust, someone with an agenda, someone who lives in
the land of marketing, not reality.

I hope I know you better than that, and that you really don't
think that way, at least not usually.

But maybe I don't, and you do.
New We're talking past each other here.
Box went from "our Exchange setup misbehaves" to "group calendaring in Office sux".

THAT is what I was objecting to.

The anti-MS zealotry is no better than the MS apologia (or the Linux apologia and pro-MS zealotry, come to that; the toast is buttered on both sides).

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New Oy you!
our $shitta stinks and here $childprocShitta is why. Fair statement, and no I have not looked for alternatives as I have no impact on that side of the house.
I love her dearly, far beyond any creature I've ever known, and I can prove it, for never once in almost seventy years of married life have I taken her by the throat. Mind you, it's been a near thing once or twice.
George Macdonald Frasier
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