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New Re: Ah right
Particular results in biology, and the methods of biologists, are *irrelevant* to the simple distinction between and acutal *theory* and a *model*. *Both* sides of the "evolution vs. creationism" story are wrong, in the same way - they confuse a description for a predictive framework. Thus religion has no predictive value, and neither does "evolution", while *natural selection* certainly does.

Since this is so simple as to be trivial, the question becomes *why* is something so simple, so universally misunderstood. THAT is a failure of biologists in particular, and the entire culture of science in general.

Yours of course is the dilettante's choice - to maintain the fake richness of theoretical ideas for the purpose of making a more satisfying reflection of yourself. Had you ever actually *worked* on a real scientific project, you might understand this.
New As you know, math is not a science
So the fact that I did real math doesn't matter. Nor do my publications.

However I've also watched my wife go through working on real science. And my comments still stand.

Oh right. Her publications are in biology. So that isn't real science in your world. In which case you can say anything you want and win because it is accepted by the highest authority that you know - yourself!

In which case attempts at conversation are useless. So I'll cease to bother.

I have come to believe that idealism without discipline is a quick road to disaster, while discipline without idealism is pointless. -- Aaron Ward (my brother)
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