that assured bugaboo of Bon-Ton-thinness ... and what it costs re any repair but especially (GPU and elsewhere) in these overgrown laptops. I attribute the apparent health of my early/late? '09-24" to just a couple matters I Do pay attention to:

A) Make sure to run fingers across the [too-Small] holes in the bottom ... at least weekly; with cat hair grabbing the dust, these are easily hi-𝛀 air-resistance you don't want. I mentioned earlier the unsatisfactory #s on GPU temp and nearby, when I had neglected the finger-test+clean thing, and the before/after-cleaning effect.

B) Run latest fan control, [currently SSD] setting usually a bit faster than the OS defaults; the new levels are not screaming (but moving more air == dust in the filter-free teeny holes, too.) These small fans have a copacetic MTBF, and I'll go with the stats.

C) Luck

Ergo with A B and likely C: I'm alright Jack until ... Timmy decides to stop securitizing Safari. Again.
If we're not in caves by then.. lamps burning Republican-oil (stored from the earlier massacrees).