Who amongst us has never pondered this 'Eternity' McGuffin so oft bandied about (esp. considering that so many of us'ns are possessed of an attention-span measured only by experts in the flying-insect Phylum, Class etc.)

So then, once ensconced in this Place-with-no-clocks ... ... .... .... ............ w.t.f. does a one or group Do to create the simulacrum of ..surprise!? or of a plot to some contemporary tale of say, intrigue? sans all those embedded referents called , 'late, early, much-later' and so on. And How Does each one? shake the eternal-Boredom of awaiting each non-Day's sounding of trumpets (now That hits home): trumpets as harbinger of.. whatever happens whereby The Dear Leader is again Saluted.

(And what about the 'snow' thing, the beastly desert thing and yess immersion in simple H2O. Rest case), if anyone has one. Ah but.. it seems that T.P. is up to parsing just that Matter.

and I cannot imagine.. How you bring That off. Yet.