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New I'd love to see such a place

New But you can read it.
New no prob watch duck dynasty
an a different note was in one of those warehouse liquidation places. Saw cases and cases of what looked like Ron Woods bobble head dolls for a dollar each. Was wondering who the fsck would want a ronnie woods bobblehead doll.

turns out that they were Ms Kay from the duck dynasty show. Looks like that MBA willy had didnt cover failed projections and test marketing.
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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                     Jeez.. verbatim That should be the preface on every decent Congresscritter's spiel re a re-up in Nov -NT - (Ashton)
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                 But you can read it. -NT - (rcareaga)
                 no prob watch duck dynasty - (boxley)
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             Thanks for this. - (Another Scott)

Hello, boys and girls! Here we are in Romper Room school again!
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