HOLY SHIT!! Batman..

(currently being decoded on Democracy Now) The Mercers, the author of Dark Money [Jane Mayer of The New Yorker],
an interview with the CalTech* climate-change-denier Arthur Robinson:

{{* Ugh}} Physicists really did know that Sin- thing, it seems. And didn't stop at those Mortgage-Backed-in-Securities either. The Institute as self-parody? Clearly I have some history to emend. :-(

Dem. Now also showed the query directed at Gorsuch re. "How's Come that these 'Anonymous' backers spent $10 M TO GET YOU:" into that USSC Chair S.A.P. ?? [I paraphrase.]

Ergo: was Citizens United the real prime-focus/actual catalyst for the Mercers to next buy themselves a hack-Drumpf? in order to rework 'Murica into Amerika-II?

and.. we gots the worst-possible combo of Fake Data created by the major supplier of computer hardware [now also perpetual firmware==Spyware
(with own wifi and brain for completely ignoring the operator's map -vs- W.T.F. *IS* really circulating inside.)
Clearly The MACHINES+firmware already ARE in the cat-bird seat:

Computers ✓ [Die Intel, indeed.. but where to Begin] ... ... and End, given the indissoluble bond between vulture-capitalism and magnified personal-greed: as got us Here? Hmmm??

Politics ✓ and phony-elections-all now in sub-rosa mode a.k.a. Pwned by Alt-Right, the S.A. of Die Neue Reich MMXVII L.L.C.-in-Charge: ✓

Wenn Die S.S. Und Die S.A. Aufmarschiert**

** "When the S.S and the S.A. MARCH TOGETHER":
all on my LP '2445'
Hitler's Inferno
In Words, In Music 1932-1945

Jawohl: Gehabt Kindern! The Children Have Been Had ..to a Fare-thee-well quite beyond the IGM's tentative guesstimates as this Mega-Scam was gestating under our very noses.

Oh. And. When some successor-Tribe to the Dis(solved) S. A. wreckage begins accretion: some means shall be within a new Constitution:
preventing any lone Homo-sap to own/control/ any money-sum beyond the #-of-C-notes s/he Can Hand Carry. QED/Cha. Cha. Cha.

(An entire raft-load of terminally-depressing factoids: across this mere one hour, nightly 12M broadcast of Democracy Now on our local PBS TV station.)

Query: IS? "knowledge still Power" ... when the very-daily-language has suffered massive debasement of the [ referents ] to all words important to any concept of 'self-governance'.

The Force Maya is strong today, young Skywalker.. ... ....