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New Re: Remember Palladium?
1. The Intel ME exists
2. It is a separate thing

I think we can all agree on this.

3. It can control a powered-down computer
4. It has a direct, independent connection to the NIC
[citation needed, motherfucker]

5. It is an NSA backdoor
[SRSLY? go back to worrying about BadBIOS]

All I'm seeing and reading on this is clickbait blog posts regurgitating the source material, with a great big "what do you think? comment please! pretty please! please. don't make me beg. I need the clicks" at the bottom.

Y'all should be way, way more worried about the fact that, completely without encryption, secrecy or the NSA, your ISP is now able to sell your web browsing history to advertisers, and there's jack fucking shit you can do about it.

Sort that out, and then this pile of conspiracy-theory-and-black-helicopters bullshit might warrant some attention.
New Also
The big story here is that /. is still going.
New Citation
They are correct on the independent network access, but the 3G part is tinfoil hattery:
Notice that there is a network connection directly associated with the Intel ME. The specific NIC will change according to which Intel AMT release you are using.

The ME does have its own MAC so the paranoid can block it at the firewall.
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Not sure if that makes your statement true or false...
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