We have an antenna on two of our sets, but can only pick up 3 or 4 channels since everything was *improved* to digital over analog (in the bad old days of analog, we'd get 7 channels broadcasting from the same cities).

Netflix/Prime/NHL Gamecenter for the most part. There's an ABC Roku app that broadcasts some of my wife's favorite shows about a week after the OTA broadcast we can't get (no ABC within digital antenna range for us).

Don't have any storage devices, rely on the streaming companies for that. 3 Roku 3's and one Roku 2 which I bought new when we first cut the cord. You get used to not seeing commercials and that's the only thing I don't like about the ABC app. Still, the shows she watches (and we used to *buy* on Prime) are Quantico, Agent Carter and Agents of Shield, so for the 20 bucks per season savings, we've agreed to suffer through commercials. ;0)