It's running Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox is so old that Youtube complains quite strenuously.

At the time, consumer DVRs were very leading edge: hard to find, very expensive and small capacities. Even my initial MythTV box about 8 years ago with 300Gb was way bigger than any consumer DVRs. But DVB-T cards for Linux had just gotten cheap and easy to find. So I re-learnt enough to build my own box to do it.

It's been upgraded a few times as hardware has died or gotten better, actually, and got a re-install at one point with a 500Gb system drive. The original CPU couldn't keep up with decoding a HD DVB stream, but that problem's long gone. The original video card karked it 3 or 4 years ago, so I bought a cheapie NVidia thing. Then the motherboard died 2 or 3 years ago, so I bought an old HP office PC, stuck the drives and cards in and it booted right up where it left off.

The original box was a genuine frankenbox, but it was noisy, so I figured out how to make the BIOS alarm work for it to turn itself on and off. But the current one is much quieter (and the BIOS alarm doesn't work) so it stays on all the time.