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New I bailed
Colour printing at home is for chumps. I pay One Vision Imaging now. They do a better job.

Sure, there's no instant gratification, but at anything bigger than A4, it's actually way more cost-effective - especially when you're considering framed prints.

Worked example: so I want to print and frame an A3 picture.

Epson Stylus 3000 - £600
Full set of inks for same - £130
A3 photo paper - £1 per sheet - you'll fuck up the print a couple of times at least
Frame - £10
The three internal mounts you'll fuck up before getting it right - £10

Framed A3 print, colour-corrected by an actual expert, from OVI - £25.

Best case, I save a fiver or so. I need to print 120 A3 framed prints before I'm up on the deal to get the printer cost alone back - and I bet you don't get 120 A3 prints out of a set of inks. At that point I'm better off getting a dyesub printer anyway.

OTOH, the in-laws have a little Brother B&W laser printer that seems to last forever on a £30 toner cartridge.
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New You have to be a savvy shopper.
I got a Canon Pixma PRO-100 from B&H a while ago when they were having a sale. It was $500 or so, and if you bought some fancy paper with it, you got a $400-$500 debit card as a rebate. So, it was basically free. Ink isn't cheap, of course, but you could basically get the for printer free if you looked around. I bought spare ink for it, but haven't needed to use it yet.

For routine color printing, we have a Lexmark CS410DN that works well and gives nice output. It hasn't needed refilling yet (though we don't use it a lot).

Yeah, if you're doing a lot of printing, hiring it out is usually a better option.

And < $100 color printers are a poor bargain, especially if it's not a Canon.


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New we rarely print colors
I am on my second Brother laser printer, an HL-5140, which I've had for several years. Can't remember which Brother model I had previously. Before that I used an HP Laserjet 4L - which I still have, and still works at 4 ppm, since 1995. I've taken it with me whenever I've worked and lived away from the house.

She wanted a MFP so we could make copies and scan paperwork to send to the colleges the kids went to (you would not believe the amount of documents colleges demand to consider financial aid nowadays). Right after she bought it I showed her how to print anything in just black & white. She forgets to do that regularly but not every time.

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