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New I went through a couple of printers years ago.
HP, Epson, Canon.

I have a mid-range Canon printer, bought more than 10 years ago and chosen explicitly because of individual ink tanks, no funny ones (some high end Canons have 6 colours), and separate heads (removable cradle in the carriage). I've had it long enough that I had to replace the heads, for which ebay was most helpful. This is something HP and Epson expect you to buy a new printer for. My printer is now old enough that the inks have just started getting tricky to find so I'm kind of impressed Canon have been making those ink cartridges for all those years.

But I don't print very much anymore. For pictures, it's easier to take it to the local photo place. I usually print documents for situations where people just can't read it on a screen. In fact, it currently gets more use as a scanner.

New Canon found a way around that
Pixma printers now stop working after a certain number of prints. The assumption is that by then the ink absorption pad is saturated.

For fairness sake, other mfgs. employ similar methods but Canon's limit seems to be a lot lower and it is near impossible to replace the pad and/or reset the counter.
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