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What does the C5 and C9 designate? I understand A, B, G, N designations. I remember OC3 and OC12 to be speed indicators. The C5 and C9 elude me.
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New Sorry - too much Shorthand.
(Does anyone actually use Shorthand any more?)

The Archer C9 and Archer C5 boxes are pieces of TP-Link WiFi hardware that I'm trying to connect. They're just model numbers - no reference to any particular IEEE standard or whatnot.

     TP-Link Archer C9 Dual Band Wireless AC Router, and other things. - (Another Scott) - (17)
         Good show! -NT - (a6l6e6x)
         TP-Link Archer C5 Dual Band Wireless AC Router as Wireless Bridge. - (Another Scott) - (15)
             Something weird is going on. Can't do multiple WDS devices with C5s? - (Another Scott) - (14)
                 can you setup the devices as routers instead of bridges? - (boxley) - (13)
                     Hmm... - (Another Scott) - (12)
                         No joy. Going to try some dedicated bridge boxes. - (Another Scott) - (11)
                             Question? - (hnick) - (1)
                                 Sorry - too much Shorthand. - (Another Scott)
                             not fer nutton but pro wire folks charge about $50 per drop - (boxley) - (3)
                                 That's assuming they can reach the relevant places. - (Another Scott) - (2)
                                     win the lottery heave all electronics into the bay - (boxley) - (1)
                                         Yup. We'd probably travel and live out of a couple of suitcases and maybe a trunk. - (Another Scott)
                             Of course, that didn't solve the problem. - (Another Scott) - (4)
                                 static routing is always the best way to go for smaller configurations -NT - (boxley) - (3)
                                     Static Routing seems to require using the LAN or WAN ports. :-( - (Another Scott) - (2)
                                         hmmm, not at home but think I can assign static ip to mac addys on the wireless - (boxley)
                                         Woot! - (a6l6e6x)

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