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New Dishwasher drain hose help please
Living at my nephew's, trying to be helpful.

He has a dishwasher drain hose with holes. Rodent chewed through. These holes are in the middle of it. In order to replace it, we'd have to pull the dishwasher or take apart the sink (to access the dishwasher tube connection), not a happy thought.

The hose is flexible accordion plastic. If I cut the section that has the holes, there will be enough for the new ends to reach together. So how do I join them?

I assume I can buy a some type of waterproof tube/sleeve, and use hose clamps. Add a layer of waterproof glue/sealant as well.

Can anybody point me in the direction of the correct materials for the job, or suggest something better?

New Re: Dishwasher drain hose help please
My inclination would be to replace the whole hose. Why introduce additional failure points along the way from the dishwasher drain to the sink drain?

To repair the existing hose, you can consider something like Rescue Tape, i.e. like this:


But, I'm not sure it would work on accordion pipe.

I presume you've been able to take off the kick-plate level panel to get a good view under there. If you haven't, you may be surprised how easy the dishwasher can be pulled out. It all depends on the plumbing. Also, look for a possible small bracket or two just under the counter lip that keep the dishwasher in place.

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New If it was installed right, yes it can be easy

New Unlikely
My brother-in-law (a lovely individual, really, love the guy, but he should not do construction) did it, and he's legendary for his half-assery. As compared to me, full-assery. So anyway, not taking a chance if I don't have to.

Pep Boys around the corner.

6 inches of heater core hose. The according hoise fits in. A squeeze of water pump gasket silicon around before I put it in. 2 hose clamps.

Need 24 hours to test. 1 side seemed "iffy", not going in nicely, but the other side was perfect. So I'll test tomorrow. If the iffy side leaks, I'll do it again with fresh hose (1/2 left). If still fail, then I'll deal with the washer movement.
New Like this?

Our dishwasher is ancient and has something like a thick-walled auto hose for the drain rather than something like that.

Removing our dishwasher is trivial. Pry up the 1/4-round trim on the floor, open the dishwasher door, remove 2 screws at the top that screw 2 metal tabs into the bottom of the counter-top, roll it out.

Water leaks under a dishwasher or under the sink are nasty. That happened in our house sometime before we moved in (the copper drain pipe was leaking at the seam). It did a lot of damage to the bottom of the cabinet, and the floor and sub-floor underneath. There's a reason why water is called the "Universal Solvent".

Make absolutely sure any repair is not leaking or there's going to be a risk of Mucho Damageo later. There aren't many adhesives that are good at water-tight seals for two different types of plastic, and hose clamps work best when they compress something soft against something incompressible like metal...

Plumbing is enough of a pain as it is - don't make more work for yourself down the road. :-)

Good luck!

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