Our dishwasher is ancient and has something like a thick-walled auto hose for the drain rather than something like that.

Removing our dishwasher is trivial. Pry up the 1/4-round trim on the floor, open the dishwasher door, remove 2 screws at the top that screw 2 metal tabs into the bottom of the counter-top, roll it out.

Water leaks under a dishwasher or under the sink are nasty. That happened in our house sometime before we moved in (the copper drain pipe was leaking at the seam). It did a lot of damage to the bottom of the cabinet, and the floor and sub-floor underneath. There's a reason why water is called the "Universal Solvent".

Make absolutely sure any repair is not leaking or there's going to be a risk of Mucho Damageo later. There aren't many adhesives that are good at water-tight seals for two different types of plastic, and hose clamps work best when they compress something soft against something incompressible like metal...

Plumbing is enough of a pain as it is - don't make more work for yourself down the road. :-)

Good luck!