(By now I trust someone has apprised them of the horror of blink'n-stuff.) (?)
Thanks for this promising example.

Compared to many early sites attempting 'All-and-Everything' / All-at-once! re that simple word, "electronics":
Methinks they're doing a smashing job in bite-sizing the flood of TMI--which is inescapable.
Anyone who wants to start learning.. can surely benefit by following-up just a few of their teasers.
Nice to know that some smart folk are sincerely trying to ameliorate the oft Total-ignorance about..

How Damn-near everything today: bloody-well WORKS
[I see / I See; a National priority which Oz just might be fertile ground for attempting an aim:
That everyone become sufficiently ept to be able to USE Ohm's Law.. in daily evaluation of this or that purchase.]

This especially in the context of comprehending the difference between 'Energy' and ... it's Rate-of-usage. thus 'Power'. At a minimum.
If you don't understand That: you will be forever mystified by most of the stuff you are immersed in, as an unavoidable consumer of energy.