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New Link or two.
Well, maybe just one.

http://talkingelectronics.com/ is the site of a small Aussie outfit that has been teaching electronics for decades. They seriously know what they're doing on the latter part (it's just that they really don't know what they're doing with a website, so be nice to them). I particularly remember their cutting edge miniature FM transmitter kits.

Just Add Story http://justaddstory.wordpress.com/
New See what you mean re. ... have Patience..
(By now I trust someone has apprised them of the horror of blink'n-stuff.) (?)
Thanks for this promising example.

Compared to many early sites attempting 'All-and-Everything' / All-at-once! re that simple word, "electronics":
Methinks they're doing a smashing job in bite-sizing the flood of TMI--which is inescapable.
Anyone who wants to start learning.. can surely benefit by following-up just a few of their teasers.
Nice to know that some smart folk are sincerely trying to ameliorate the oft Total-ignorance about..

How Damn-near everything today: bloody-well WORKS
[I see / I See; a National priority which Oz just might be fertile ground for attempting an aim:
That everyone become sufficiently ept to be able to USE Ohm's Law.. in daily evaluation of this or that purchase.]

This especially in the context of comprehending the difference between 'Energy' and ... it's Rate-of-usage. thus 'Power'. At a minimum.
If you don't understand That: you will be forever mystified by most of the stuff you are immersed in, as an unavoidable consumer of energy.
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It's one thing to know they're coming...
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