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New But.. but now ... it's getting Interesting!
And my delving into Chrome or Chromium unleashed a plethora of nasty gotchas / tracking and various other 'features'; that is
--hardly a no-brainer to just go there. Without merely sane trepidation.
(Interspersed amidst the dialogue were several who also had tried various [frequent Cr rebuilds]--going back and appreciating flaky-'ol Safari.)
What's a fellow to Do?

So, to see if this newly unFixed d/l remains such, repeatedly:
Cleared out as many sites-in-Finder I didn't need access to, on any whim.
Nuked Safari, waited for Sys to recapture any swap stuff and generally settle down.
Launch Safari. Nuke 100+ cookies. Reopen All.

And it's Baaack with 90+ %Idle. [!!] Magic # of reloads ==2? I'll see, in time.
[Remember in Doze when, after some diddling one Had-to reboot 3x to see if the sucker Was sorta-fixed??)]
See? FUN. (Just checked iStat: yup, 94%)

Thanks for the hints anyway.. I am fully aware that your delving is likely more er, granular than most others'
(Prolly Cal that 454A to 1% rather than mere specs.. but I bet you haven't Had-to reCal since it arrived.. amiright, sir amiright?)

New The tracking is being done...
Every where.

You can't get away from it... They'll track you no matter what you do.

Use something that works better. Safari has lotsa issues I won't deal with.

Chrome's interface is pretty much the same across the OSes, the Device form and the medium, infact I have Chrome on my Phone, my Linux machines, my OSX machines... all of them use the same book marks and I can access my personal and business e-mail on them all just fine.

If you use any search engine... you are being tracked... anonymously in any case. Unless you use IE.

Just quit freakin out over this stuff... its been happening *FAR FAR* longer than you know and far far far more than you know. Your freakin out just tells me the naivety you have... regardless of how weathered you seem to be. If you are outraged now... you should have been 10+ years ago and continued to be for that long.

Even the DHS freaked in 2002... and has come to realize things have been happening to them far longer than they knew... and are just dealing with it.

Seriously Ashton, just deal with the "terror" and realize what it is and just manage. All this over reacting can drive one crazy... especially YOU but also us with you.

On the 454A, only recently has it been getting a ton of usage. I'm in a Makerspace. Nobody had anything better than a 10MHz O-Scope or a 10MHz signal generator or a 1% Analog Volt-Ohm-Meter or a 15AMP Variable 75V Dual power supply nor a 25A constant current power supply.

Some people have been able to fixed CB amplifiers, 10M amplifiers, Build 6M radios among other things.

My 3GHz Signal Generator is out of certification... but it is well within 0.1% yet, the AM and Sideband modulation board is bad... needs to be fixed, but the FM Modulation board is good. We used it to transmit some fast-scan tv across the building.

We used it to teach electronics theory. It is amazing teaching super-position and people "getting it" after about the twentieth or so iteration of explanation or examples and practice questions.

I also purchased 40 Digital Multimeter put-together kits, for Makerspace member to buy for a class we put on. We also taught Soldering and component placement and thinking ahead while you build it. I'm also looking for a good 9V discrete radio kit, again to help teach how AM and FM works and how to make something that works. Discrete kits that are good are getting scarce. Build it first on a plywood board on a blown up schematic, get it working that way and then transfer it to the PCB.

Who knows maybe someone will want to become a real electronic engineer. Right now, most are focusing on "arduino" and similar non-discrete devices and programming them... someone has to design and build these things... and discrete electronics is the only way to get into that.

Now for something fun and exciting:
Anyway... I'm looking at doing Plastic Prosthetic or Implant Prototype 3D Printing and eventually Final Titanium Alloy 3D Printing of the Prosthetic. Right now... its still off in the distance... but current company I'm talking with is spending $330K on a 300 prosthetic or implant prototypes per quarter year (at about $1100 per prototype) with a Chinese company. With that same Chinese company about $500K per quarter on about 70-80 Titanium Alloy final model prosthetics or implants. The issue is the Fickleness of Customs and the Chinese company unwilling to "streamline" the process. This can cause an up to 6+ week delay in receiving the item(s). Plus they have to pay import taxes on the items... no comment to me or anyone else in my group on that amount.

The 3 people, I am talking to, just came back from a 50 day trip to the Chinese Company in China. They got NO WHERE. Most of the customs problems are the export side in China, causing the delays. The China Company wants to do nothing to help fix the customs issues. They think dealing with the Chinese government in a cooperative way... is troublesome and not worth any effort and may bring heavy "attention" to them. The US Side sometimes notices the China side held thing and makes it worse.

If they can do all that stuff here... in the US, they would be happy. Most of the "traditional" Prosthetic or Implant makers are quoting HYARGE amounts of money to do "fast" work.

I guess, we shall see.
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New Heh.. multitasking at its best.
(When I first hit The Lab, I built a simple slope-detector FM receiver--kinda proof-of concept, as opposed to ratio-detectors and more sophisticated higher-fi stuff.
Magick when you double-check wiring, power it up and--hear MUSIC. Students should love this. Maybe a simplest possible FM 'slope' demo--to get them hooked on grokking to Fullness, later?

I, prolly more than you, Miss Heathkit; their last-days test eq. (like a fine scope calibrator)--which I used in pref. to the more elegant Tek model. Similarly (but way earlier) still have two IP-8s, the tiny op-amp based 500 mA PSs.. first one is now >40 bloody-years old; even the caps are still fine!
Lotta stuff has come and gone since my first demo-unit Tek 503--500 kHz scope.

Never ƒeare re 'obsession' over some Perfect/perfectly tweaked browser (or slavish reading of Logs, for that matter ). I took Safari for granted All THIS TIME, and until recently:
it did all I (cared enough to want to do with it) just Fine. Without any under-hood attention at all.
Muscle-memory: It Knows! now instinctively how to navigate S. and ... *sheer sloth* does Not wish to relearn a New Set/layout, to some Other designer's preferences
--unless and until I Have To. [Hey, it's Still working just now!]

(And yes-- still amazed at how self-healing IS OS X, thus far): I now also take That for granted, but will still periodically look at some of the data, for that time [possibly never?]
when I might need to compare what Normal was / and what then: Ain't any more. I call that merely.. prudence--remember that word?

I'll never encounter a tiny fraction of the lore you've accumulated, apparently also needing-to--given the responsibilities Corp X *would* lay on you [I surmise.]
Anyway, 'tinkering with the machine' is not now any fun, as maybe it was for a time in PDP-8 daze.
So I *really* don't look into this box for amusement/amazement nowadays: I do that for pure/simple C.Y.A.

Clear? Glad to hear the 454 is meeting its pedigree--it may outlive us both, eh?
Pity you don't need a 400MHz 7854 Analog-with-Digital Storage (really more: rise-time == 550 pSec!) box. [Have a 50 pSec TD-Tek generator]
Complete w/keyboard for running scripts to automate things like 'rise-time'.
Prolly not much related to printing projects (yet?) and a bit complex for basic instruction purposes. Nevertheless--a truly Magick-box.
(Actually there are 2 of these {sigh})

All my stuff will be on the block soon; not likely much/any? of it will go to wannabe EEs, as I previously intended. Seems that few Muricans want to work that hard or deeply, when MBA mills are all around.
Gawd, imagine a 'liff' in Finance! [I couldn't. Ever.]

Your neurons are safe--all the above will keep them busily engaged, which also seems the only way to keep them Alive.

Ed: PS

Anyone in your bailiwick interested in running a under-the-radar FM-stereo broadcast station? I have the once state/art Sound Technology 1000A FM Alignment Generator,
one in mint condition/cosmetics as well. Add whatever power amp from the latest crop:
you're ON AIR. With classical-music-grade super-low distortion. Just a thought.
One modestly small black box w/meter and atten down to a fraction of a μV.
Expand Edited by Ashton July 20, 2013, 02:07:09 AM EDT
New Link or two.
Well, maybe just one.

http://talkingelectronics.com/ is the site of a small Aussie outfit that has been teaching electronics for decades. They seriously know what they're doing on the latter part (it's just that they really don't know what they're doing with a website, so be nice to them). I particularly remember their cutting edge miniature FM transmitter kits.

Just Add Story http://justaddstory.wordpress.com/
New See what you mean re. ... have Patience..
(By now I trust someone has apprised them of the horror of blink'n-stuff.) (?)
Thanks for this promising example.

Compared to many early sites attempting 'All-and-Everything' / All-at-once! re that simple word, "electronics":
Methinks they're doing a smashing job in bite-sizing the flood of TMI--which is inescapable.
Anyone who wants to start learning.. can surely benefit by following-up just a few of their teasers.
Nice to know that some smart folk are sincerely trying to ameliorate the oft Total-ignorance about..

How Damn-near everything today: bloody-well WORKS
[I see / I See; a National priority which Oz just might be fertile ground for attempting an aim:
That everyone become sufficiently ept to be able to USE Ohm's Law.. in daily evaluation of this or that purchase.]

This especially in the context of comprehending the difference between 'Energy' and ... it's Rate-of-usage. thus 'Power'. At a minimum.
If you don't understand That: you will be forever mystified by most of the stuff you are immersed in, as an unavoidable consumer of energy.
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It would have been much more tolerable if they used wires and an action figure.
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