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New can't find it here
maybe the narrow scope of "Discover cutting-edge research by Northern California scientists " aspect limits the appeal in other parts of the country?
New Sorry.. thought Quest was 'National' .?.
Unless, mayhap one might be in, a "science-is-Evull" locale somewhere?

Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.
New Houston's not some hick town
Our medical center is the largest in the world.

Our new paleontology hall opens this weekend.

Time lapse of it's construction

And, of course, things like this just show that distain for science appears at a national level.
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New Never meant to imply that any place has a monopoly ;^>
(Were that anywhere near the case, we could just nuke 'em, er... suggest they secede?)

Neat time lapse, the Hive--in its most positive connotation! Perfect musical interlude.
And.. it looks as if the "building" is heading towards the camera, perchance to [Borg] assimilate it !?!

Also, to the redounding credit of the Local Taste: a couple years back, Sergei Nakariakov was trumpet/flugelhorn solist with the Houston Symphony--so There!

Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.
New No problem
I just hear enough crap about here that I like to present "an insiders perspective" to show that it's not like the stereotypes make it out to be.

Wasn't aware of that, though it doesn't surprise me - here I go again ;-)
Houston is one of the few U.S. cities (New York City, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco are others) that offer world-class, year-round resident companies in all of the major performing arts—symphony (Houston Symphony Orchestra), opera (Houston Grand Opera), drama (The Alley Theatre) and ballet (Houston Ballet).

Located downtown, the 17-block Theater District is home to eight performing arts organizations and more than 12,000 seats. Only New York City has more seats concentrated in one geographic area.
New awe cmon
we iggorant southroners know all our exes live in texass with stumpbroke kuhboys

Considering that more people spoke german than english when the texas republic was created Im not surprised that the oldest settlements are very just that, settled
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free American and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 55 years. meep
New Is it just me or has Vimeo been broken for about 3 years now
It hasn't worked right for me on Firefox on Winders for around that long (with AdBlock+ and FlashBlock installed but disabled). And it doesn't work for me on a newly installed copy of Opera.

Apparently it works on Ashton's iMac.

This old T41 ThinkPad doesn't like it at all, though. It never loads the controls in FF, and under Opera the progress bar updates ungodly slowly and the image changes maybe 3 times in the few minutes I gave it. But it hasn't worked on a recent Win7 laptop either.

Oh well. It's hard to complain when it's free.

New DivX plug-in?
I allowed that in, some weeks ago; as it hasn't made itself conspicuous by any FAILs.. it's still there (on Safari.)

As to FF (por moi) ... merely wading through the first third of the config menu for NoScript, changed with each new frill, caused me to believe that,
Yes, you Could... achieve a level of er, control granularity? that a One-note Accountant might lust after.. if you're mad as a Hatter.

But I already buried Doze and its perpetual, pewling diapered-Neediness on all scales
--I want a seamless, intelligent and "don't bother me, except: occasionally" raison d'etre.
FF demands more tinkering than ... up with which, I shall put.

iMac: 3.3 years and counting, of entirely satisfactorily sparing me the liff of a fucking bookkeeper.
And even the Pwned interlude was a lark--imagine The Beast getting out a patch (with no discernible side-effect, yet seen)
--within a couple days!

Thanks Stevie! [whereEver 'you' are] for being a crank--to some Purpose.


Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.
Expand Edited by Ashton May 22, 2012, 05:37:14 PM EDT
New They have lazy programmers.
Youtube clearly work hard to make their Flash plugin work everywhere. Despite other problems with the Google-owned service, for playing video, Youtube wins hands down. If it ever fails, then the blame is clearly Flash throwing a fit.

Vimeo, on the other hand, I have often found to be flakey. Only in recent months have I seen it "okay" in 32bit Opera on Linux, but the UX still leaves a lot to be desired. It has never worked for me on 64bit Opera on Linux.

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