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New Huh?
On both.

Let me rephrase.
I've been told the guy is a "smock", ie: he doesn't even rate stuffed shirt.
With that background, does what he said make more or less sense?
New Ok, given that
What he's saying doesn't make sense seeing what you do.
If you had to parse info from a lot of entries, packets, wotnot, and it's going to quit or reset in a short time, you would want it run like a bandit initially and slow down closer to the limit. For what you do, I don't know why he would want something that would bog hugely toward the predictable end of run.
I just made my best guess based on the (semi)technical marketing eng types I deal with occasionally. Your idiots are likely different from my idiots.
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shrub\ufffdbish (Am., from shrub + rubbish, after the derisive name for America's 43 president; 2003) n. 1. a form of nonsensical political doubletalk wherein the speaker attempts to defend the indefensible by lying, obfuscation, or otherwise misstating the facts; GIBBERISH. 2. any of a collection of utterances from America's putative 43rd president. cf. BULLSHIT

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Hey, it was good enough for Terry Pratchett.
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