we have to give up some of our freedom for security and then hope the security works. Invasion of privacy seems to be an issue here.

Being an ex-mental patient I get used to losing my freedom. Yet whatever people do to me, my mind is still free, even if I am locked up in a room with freedoms taken away from me. They can break my body, but they cannot break my spirit (or mind).

Leaders are a bit of an idiot, both Bush and Kerry are idiots, in a mental contest between Bush, Kerry, and Gump, Gump would win. In the USA, management is promoted by failure, the bigger the mistakes the bigger the office or position they get. Those that are competant get "the treatment" and are forced to quit or given a creative discharge with bogus documentation saying how bad a worker they are which is nothing but a bunch of creative writing (aka lies). I lost my freedom to life, liberty, and the pursute of happiness when my career was ruined, they used my illnesses against me. Now, like Orr, I was shot down enough times that I took a life-raft to Switzerland (Disability) until I can plan my next move (college). :)