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New If that's EXACT command, you forgot "TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE=Y"
From the manual, Oracle 8 i Utilities, Release 2 (8.1.6), page 1-27:


Default: none

When TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE is specified as Y, use this parameter to provide a list of the tablespaces to be exported from the database into the export file.

See Transportable Tablespaces on page 1-60 for more information.


Default: N

When specified as Y, this parameter enables the export of transportable tablespace metadata. See the Oracle8i Administrator's Guide and Oracle8i Concepts for more information.
The referred-to bit from page 1-60:

Transportable Tablespaces

The transportable tablespace feature enables you to move a set of tablespaces from one Oracle database to another.

To move or copy a set of tablespaces, you must make the tablespaces read-only, copy the datafiles of these tablespaces, and use Export/Import to move the database information (metadata) stored in the data dictionary. Both the datafiles and the metadata export file must be copied to the target database. The transport of these files can be done using any facility for copying binary files, such as the operating system copying facility, binary-mode FTP, or publishing on CD-ROMs.

After copying the datafiles and exporting the metadata, you can optionally put the tablespaces in read/write mode. See Transportable Tablespaces on page 2-60 for more information about importing from an export file that contains transportable tablespace metadata.

Export provides the following parameter keywords you can use to enable export of transportable tablespace metadata.


See TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE and TABLESPACES on page 1-27 for more information.

Additional Information: See the Oracle8i Administrator's Guide for details about managing transportable tablespaces. For an introduction to the transportable tablespaces feature, see Oracle8i Concepts.

(And, next time... RTFM! :-)

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New That musta been it
I don't have a manual - just web search on commands.

Anyhow, I found a little undocumented url in the app that you can use to get it to generate a dump - seems to have worked.


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