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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Nope.
Still a contractor.

Bug note: IE 5.01sp2 - tabbing is broken from the various fields - I can't tab out of Subject or Your Comment. Might be broken elsewhere, too.
New Just try not to remember too often..
You are now within the land of the never-ending, never quite.. right, never-Enough! Service Pack !!
(not to mention - the patch to fix the Last SP and...)


Some design ideas to endear you to new boss (?)

Hmmm - a new 20 MB kernel32 replacement? running Linux for all I/O and leaving Windoze to handle Clippy and Snoopy - the XP-doggy? what collects.. stuff.. on Everyone in:

"kennel32.poad" and sends it home thru
"ratout01.vbx" via "sendshit.vb"

Take the 'X' outta Exchange: "E-change": the M$ tax on every packet sent anywhere. (How much is a billion pennies? per hour?)

I gots more but they be \ufffd fer M$-bux in advance. We software designers are High-piced whores; can't give it away and keep our market too.

Ashton Turing
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Involved in a bizarre electrolysis accident.
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