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New Locking toolbars
OK, so I use Win2k. At the bottom of the screen I have a double-height Start Bar. The Tray has had the clock removed and has up to 10 icons within. Rightwards is a blank double-height toolbar to act as a spacer; rightwards again is a double-height toolbar with 10 icons (two rows of 5); rightwards are the running apps. I have the spacer toolbar there to prevent the icon toolbar from shifting about as and when the icons in the system tray change.

The trouble coms when I accidentally drag a toolbar - everything goes out of shape. It would be really nice to be able to lock the toolbar against *accidental* movement.

New Re: Locking toolbars
IE6 has this feature - I'd be surprised if it isn't extended to all desktop toolbars in the release version.
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