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New No lying, just better light detection than your retinas.
Better able to get past any light pollution or old age. You also have to make sure you wait a good 5 minutes in the dark to become adapted enough. Even then you're still 10º of latitude South from Peter, and the atmospheric dust makes a difference.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New I am in the cornerstone of a edge of the earth no light pollution environment.
Seriously man. I don't think you can understand how on the edge of the earth I am. I am on The straits of Juan de fuca and I'm in a neighborhood that we don't have street lights and I am am at 60-ft elevation but I can see the sea if I walk three houses down. There's nothing on the other side of the sea within eye level of horizon. Canada is somewhere past that point. I am on the total edge of civilization. At least the American version of it. And there's nothing but Open Waters on the horizon.

Too long didn't read: no light pollution.

Next stage: am I willing to wait for my eyes to be adjusted for 20 minutes while sitting in the middle of the road three houses up (in the absolute total darkness waiting to be run over by the random car because that's how dark it is here): no, no. I'll wave my phone from my porch. My phone can pick it up or not. I'm not trying to even see it at this point. And I get absolutely nothing.

I have a pixel. Not the most recent. My wife has some elder Apple. She gets a great shot of gorgeous stuff that no human can see at all.

Many years ago my brother Robbie invited me to visit him in his mountain House and area. Then we drove for a while into the mountains into the darkness and then lied on the back of the car for a while and let our eyes adjust staring at the sky so we could see the meteor shower. That's it. Those occasional little flickers. I wasted how much my life to see that. Let's get the f*** out of here.

I'm a terrible person. Hehehe.

Nah it was fun but at the same time it was underwhelming.
New i am literally ~400 miles north of you
New It moves around, of course.
I just found NOAA.gov - Aurora 30 minute forecast. Play the video for your hemisphere, then drag the slider around and watch the time stamp. The intensity obviously varies a lot.

I wasn't able to quickly find models and predictions for earlier in the weekend.

(It's been cloudy here in NoVA, so I haven't tried to see anything out there.)

New Interesting
So tomorrow night, just as it's getting dark, it dips for an hour or so from the north. Or at least that's what it looks like to me.
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The lobsters are coming!
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