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New It's snark.
Lots of foodstuff have gone up a lot here in the USA. But, of course, Biden had nothing to do with it (I hear that Finland has seen increasing prices too), unless Dark Brandon really is pretty powerful!... Hmm...

(I figure it's mostly a step-change in prices, not OMG exponential inflation until the end of time, eggs will cost $35M next year!!1)

New It's stupid misplaced inaccurate shithead snark.
As you said, Biden has nothing to do with it. So snarking at him about it is the sign of a MAGA asshole. Funny, didn't think Wonkette were MAGA assholes. Since when are they?

   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who Apparently Still Knows Fucking Everything

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                 It's stupid misplaced inaccurate shithead snark. - (CRConrad)

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