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New A couple of years ago.
A couple of friends arrived from Los Vegas, with only a couple hours notice. They rushed out here to sell a couple of prime cemetery plots they had inherited to some Armenians. Armenians are desperate for prestigious plots in Hollywood Hills and similar locations. The money was good, and financed a trip to England.

Not having any prep time, I selected from my refrigerator and carefully reheated. Cooked up some rice to go with it. I apologized that I didn't have time to make anything new.

Peggy: Wait! This is how you eat here? This is your leftovers?

Me: Well, yes.

Peggy: Hell, I'm moving in!

P.S. A joke in Armenia is that Armenia is the only country with two Capitals, Yerevan and Glendale, California.
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New That's definitely one capital too many:
The C in "Capital".

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So does a burning bus.
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