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New Our local hotspot
Our grandson was born in December. He tested positive within days of his birth. As both parents work, he's in daycare. Last week, there was some coughing. Jr tested positive again. By now, their entire household has lit up.

So far for this thing not touching children and, if they get it, not spreading it the adults in the room. I guess that was also many variants ago...

[Edit: the 8-yo daughter caught the brunt of it. 103 fever, runs + puking her brains out]
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New I always saw that as a myth of wishful thinking
To support the desire to keep schools open and mask-free. Never made sense to me since obviously they could catch it and pass it around, because they were.

Sorry to hear that about your family. I hope the daughter recovers quickly.

I also hope we don't see another epidemic of hidden knock-on health problems with kids in 10, 20, 30 years. :-/

Lots of people have it in our circle of acquaintances now. 4 co-workers, a few co-worker spouses or SOs, a nephew, a friend of the family for the 4th time I believe - she has a kook for a doctor who convinced her that the vaccine would be bad for her and that Ivermectin would help. Her son too is on his 2nd go-around; he is of age and got the J&J but no boosters as I recall.

I'm still feeling the effects: tired and fatigued at random times for no apparent reason. My wife's cough came back as well. Tomorrow is 14 days since our exposure.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New I've been very lucky.
The wife got it in January, I didn't get it.

The daughter got it two weeks ago, I didn't get it.

Keeping my fingers crossed and KN95 on. :P
Ceterum autem censeo pars Republican esse delendam.
New Might not be luck.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New I've considered that possibility.
Still not going to poke the fate bear - masks on in the grocery store, avoiding large groups of people, etc.
Ceterum autem censeo pars Republican esse delendam.
New Oh of course.
It's all down to percentages regardless. Anything that reduces the initial viral load is helpful, and hopefully natural immunity + additive %s is as close to 100% as possible.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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Yeah, would be nice if "despair" wasn't such an appropriate word choice.
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