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New Plus, boogers, etc.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Yeah, that's why it was more of a "gotta" than a "get to".
     Oysters. My new favorite food. - (crazy) - (14)
         Andrew and otheers can chime in but fried oysters are not eaasy to get right - (boxley) - (12)
             Can't chime in . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (9)
                 Ah, raw oysters - (pwhysall)
                 Yeah, nope. - (malraux) - (7)
                     Whew, thanks! I've always thought, with the way... - (CRConrad) - (6)
                         Plus, boogers, etc. -NT - (malraux) - (1)
                             Yeah, that's why it was more of a "gotta" than a "get to". -NT - (CRConrad)
                         I'm not talking about the raw ones though for me - (crazy) - (3)
                             Sushi is different as I understand it. - (malraux) - (2)
                                 freezing would change the texture to paste after thawing -NT - (boxley)
                                 I seem to recall -40 is the magic number to kill the nematodes - (crazy)
             I've only had oysters once. - (Another Scott)
             I'd love to learn - (crazy)
         A bar when I was in college did oyster shooters - (drook)

It is fine to have low opinions of people's friends when they are assholes.
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