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New Got mine at Heinens in Willoughby
3 rib original $71 marked down to $60. Still in a cryopack. They usually have very good stuff.
"Religion, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable."
New Wife finds them often <$10/lb at GFS
I wouldn't want this to be an every week thing, but I've told her any time she sees them under $6/lb, buy all they have.

New I'm going to need some serious salad after this one.
We have four people in the house. It seems I'm the only person who ever eats the next day leftovers. The last one lasted about three days for me. This one is double in size compared to the last one. I don't know if I can survive steak for 10 days since I'll be the only one eating it.

This one is about 10 lb for $25.

I had never done it before the last one. I screwed up one and M dropped one in a crock pot. It was painful to realize. So after the last one came out perfect I fell in love and will spend the rest of my life trying to recreate it.

M is in the rare position of shopping daily. The supermarket is right across from her work which is required to go to. So she monitors them everyday.

Kind of like cans of Sprite zero. This is the only soda I drink. Except Coke decided to stop distributing it in the area except for limited quantities. So I drink water. And yesterday M found it for the first time in months and at a reasonable price so bought it all. That s***'s heavy.
New If you've got a slicer (or a friend who has one) ...
Shave the leftovers that you can't get through, freeze in 8 oz portions, keep for cheesesteaks.

     drook, how are you resting your rib roast you bought? - (boxley) - (13)
         Just keeping it in the cryopack in the fridge until 2 days before - (drook) - (12)
             meat dept was telling me to freeze it so it wont taste old - (boxley) - (11)
                 If it were already frozen I might keep it that way - (drook) - (10)
                     I agree -NT - (boxley)
                     understood, but that's not what happened here - (crazy) - (7)
                         30 below is super cold, guess the fans are optional at that point -NT - (drook)
                         And here we go again, enjoying - (crazy) - (5)
                             Holy crap, grab me a couple -NT - (drook) - (4)
                                 Got mine at Heinens in Willoughby - (hnick) - (3)
                                     Wife finds them often <$10/lb at GFS - (drook) - (2)
                                         I'm going to need some serious salad after this one. - (crazy) - (1)
                                             If you've got a slicer (or a friend who has one) ... - (drook)
                     The article doesn't state a temperature - (crazy)

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