Back in the day ..when dinosaurs roamed (but didn’t yet wear bizness-suits), and when I had talked to Saul Marantz once, used Crown pro tape recorders (Elkhart, IND), B&O *mics etc. etc. I vas a ~audio Conslutant. Once.. I used two Uher™ ‘Report L’ tiny but bitchin recorders (as were the higher-Fi thus superior to, the $$Nagra™s du jour): to record off-stage debut of a promising pianist. This entailed my quick-swap of battery-op recorders, between movements of the (prolly Chopin-) opus. It worked; 1/2-Track version of these tiny Wonders, etc—later played back on a Pro-Crown ..satisfied the Golden-ears’ Q.C. -a f’ing-Win.
* Who could afford Neumanns?!.

But your compleat- listicle to Scott beats, for clarity/completeness Any of the stuff I tried to digest, then. Especially liked your inner-Physicist pellucid illustration of ..what a Real Audio Consultant ought to know about. Comments noted re fidelity, expectable in transistor-world, currently. Believe i have heard that resonance phenom (calling it ‘muddied’) even in current (classical) material—audible even on such as a tiny Tivoli Audio radio ..also a ’wonder-box’ for its surprising fidelity (in a small room!).

Too often techno- ‘explanations’ provide too-much or -little info as can readily be Used; your’s demonstrated the golden-Mean, I wot. (Were you so inclined..) I expect that you could launch a Tutorial-site, aimed at the intelligent but uninformed (of actual gear in the market) and the Whys /Why-Nots accompanying.. (‘Course making-Music, I’d presume might well supersede any such sideline, eh?)