Sadly. You're both Right/Wrong across 'scale-and-relativity' as begs the Realest-'Issue', I wot. It's Clockwork-Orange for a-short-Forever unless we stay-focussed, innit?

You assert that it is Obvious that (what you said re the actual Issue and its pellucid remedy)--well, the Direction --> towards that remedy. Rand asserts-via-tacit-implication: that such er good-things (like Civil Rights legislation), perspicuity? Common-fucking-Sense!?--is veritably Impossible of 'success'--when such Issue is cast before so %Huge of-Imbeciles-who-vote entirely emotionally (on a gaggle of irrelevant 'feelings' associated with brain-washing success). We already Know this Shit.

... A paucity of voters actually able to ID even, 'What's in MY best-Interest??' dooms the intelligent sequence--is this not the refrain? re every. single. *Good-legislation passed despite unanimous Repo-opposition via prescribed bafflegab thence outright lying-agit-prop: over these last three-at-least Decades.

Who? then--with a now, so uncommon functioning-mind--would disagree with the [Fact of Success] in the unFucked n-Countries with 'single-payer'? That's a qed. So the exchange is a faux-argument anyway; it devolves to I Want as Pony /Unicorn clusterfuck. We must get past repetition-of-the-Ugliness extant.

Neither You nor Rand (nor moi et alia) + all yet-collected Brilliance-of-others: Present Us an algorithm for BREAKING the Repo-Mantra-of-Forever:
~obfuscate, deny, spread disinformation and quasi-vague-rumor-perpetually, so as to: Keep the unTeachables exactly-as-they-are, maintain the 0.01% as de-facto 'government'. All so ably demonstrated by the Evilest mind of all the current-players: Moscow Mitch, his death-grip upon the ∑ who cower before his $$$%-Power over a terminally intimidated retinue of, indeed-Traitors to Constitution, law. Self-respect? Hah! withered way-back.

Let us Prey--more fucking-Effectively! on *THIS* ... the Wall 'twixt Truthiness and -|||- the whole fucking dis-US mindfucked MIllions.
[Now add-in The Plague + DJT and weasels/'thinking', wherein all the unicorns died already--for our Final Exam?]

I Want a Pony-with-Fangs--and a ready supply of jail-cells, already agape.