Yang (et al) have given testimonials with, to moi a ring-of-Truthiness re Biden's [Character!] ..and That, we must all agree: is the single Most-absent characteristic of the Menace and all the toadies and cowardly congress-critters {huddling-in daily-ƒeare) who Ride Hide under that not-fat-disguising Black-coat-of-Doom which shrouds his porcine self against the cameras. Not.

Look forward to ~when the Facts get all sorted re. the large efforts of one of the satellites of the CDC--persons there who tried All the lateral arabesques possible: to get some Action going in JANUARY. When this gets the Ink their tale deserves: Drumpf et al shall be proven even more feckless than Xi (and his censure of their #1 whistle-blower). That just might awaken some of the low-end-$$ folk as ... a family member winks-out.

(A diligent cohort has been tracking this Tale, see how much Legs it is getting) /whether the legs are coasting..? or racing.. Still iffy, such is the daily dilution-by-trivia. DAMN! but it's hard to keep historical-notes ..early-on in a lemming-race --> Speciescide [Worse, if your instincts are/were right? nobody around ever to read it, after-all].
Guess every conundrum==cosmic humor, again. We're being Messed-with.