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New Et tu, Brute?
Omitted from all the AI patter extant (of which I have peeped a minuscule %) is that hoary concept--so rarely Seen 'Live', and then ... perceived generations later:

..To date we have: wisdom-teeth, wiseacres, witlessness ... nailed. Imagining some Boolean kluge as. could. even. ~~'define' Wisdom, is well beyond my (unPaid)-Grade.
(Shirley beyond 'evanescent' lies ..the Ineffable? (Even less is stood-under/understood re That concept).

A.E. maybe said it briefest, re those "shiny objects we peruse" thence--only in Him--cameth Relativity.. The Odds for the rest of us haven't moved off of 1/0
since I've been around.

Now.. a robot beating everyone at Golf? eezy peasy (with enough environmental sensors to choke a hoarse.)
New Was thinking about that during dinner last night
We were having Chinese. It occurred to me that robot controls have the dexterity to feed me, but let's see a robot hand pick up a peanut covered in sauce using chopsticks.

New here ya go
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Close-ish
They're attached to the hands, that's a huge cheat. But yeah, props for working on it.

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He's the walking definition of Dunning-Kruger.
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