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New Especially in California.
Any major industry needs to be carefully watched. Any major industry will apply political pressure to get what they want, and what they want may not be good for citizens.

California produces 1/3 of the entire world's supply of Walnuts, and 82% of the entire world's supply of Almonds. Clearly, these are major industries that need to be watched.

The US produces only 6% of the world's supply of Peanuts, but that industry has certainly had it's share of scandals, especially regarding aflatoxins and salmonella. 44% of the world's peanut production is in China and 25% in India. Food industries in those countries certainly need to be watched carefully.

Trivia: Walnuts are nuts. Almonds are peach pits, and peanuts are beans. The almond flavor of almonds comes from their cyanide content.
New Boffo-while-true.. that last :-)
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That would be like Scott taking the Wal*Mart cruise.
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