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New It's not all that recent.
I didn't go to Case until I was 30. In 82 I was doing my graduation project with direct neural stimulation. My major field was biomedical engineering. I was doing a controller to allow a set of electrodes to be stimulated. A quadriplegic can usually raise a shoulder and gravity pulls it back down, and can push the shoulder forward and muscle tension will pull it back. This gives 2 degrees of freedom for a shoulder controller. Controller goes one one shoulder and the electrodes go in the other arm. My controller did the charge injection and the program came from a PDP-11. Lot of interesting work was done with electrodes; you can't have a net charge injection or you get acid and burn out the nerves. I got out of the medical dodge in 84 (another story) and haven't really kept up on current activities.
"Religion, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable."
New Thanks for the clarification..
While listening I sorta thought that their 'breakthrough' indeed stood upon-the-shoulders of a great many; mayhap--as with global temp matters--it takes a min. of 30 years for a denizen of the dis-USA to actually DO SOMETHING re any of the [Damocles' Swords..] just awaiting gravity and happenstance.. waiting... wai ....

'We' are so fucking-DENSE/on so. many. levels. :-/
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Any more detail than what's there and you'd have to have the magic software they use in movies to pull a license plate out of five pixels.
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