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New Breakthrough! re spinal cord (motor-) injuries, via Sci Fri today
Successes thus far: a few paraplegics, one quadriplegic..

It seems about training the (very-complex) spinal cord 'brain' (as in.. muscle memory) and [my words] essentially employing a transceiver-device located externally on the skin, adjacent to the 'break'. (Ira's quip: how come it took so long (..to look at such a simple idea!?) ..explained not-quite convincingly as a matter of the very complexity of signals in the often-autonomous (aka: no big-brain needed) workings of the spinal cord enviro.

Point: though initial test subjects are few, this development seems to moi ~~ like the case of the One Woman found with rock-hard body (who got disoriented outside her house in sub-zero temps; she was resuscitated, recovered! etc. This was thought to be--with unwarranted 'Certainty'. Again.--IMPOSSIBLE (as all of us would nod heads in concurrence, back then.)

ie for anyone maimed via auto-crash, assholes-with-guns etc. this must be Manna from Cthulhu, at least. Lucky.. Lucky--maybe.. in some not-too-distant futchah.

New Something machine learning via the search for AI may have taught us
Maybe we don't need to understand the signals to work with them.

Honestly, as a sci-fi reader this sounds like something they've been writing about for decades. Hare to believe no one has tried it before now. I'm guessing the stumbling block hasn't been receiving, but transmitting back into the upstream nerves.

New It's not all that recent.
I didn't go to Case until I was 30. In 82 I was doing my graduation project with direct neural stimulation. My major field was biomedical engineering. I was doing a controller to allow a set of electrodes to be stimulated. A quadriplegic can usually raise a shoulder and gravity pulls it back down, and can push the shoulder forward and muscle tension will pull it back. This gives 2 degrees of freedom for a shoulder controller. Controller goes one one shoulder and the electrodes go in the other arm. My controller did the charge injection and the program came from a PDP-11. Lot of interesting work was done with electrodes; you can't have a net charge injection or you get acid and burn out the nerves. I got out of the medical dodge in 84 (another story) and haven't really kept up on current activities.
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New Thanks for the clarification..
While listening I sorta thought that their 'breakthrough' indeed stood upon-the-shoulders of a great many; mayhap--as with global temp matters--it takes a min. of 30 years for a denizen of the dis-USA to actually DO SOMETHING re any of the [Damocles' Swords..] just awaiting gravity and happenstance.. waiting... wai ....

'We' are so fucking-DENSE/on so. many. levels. :-/
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