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New Front page of LA Times today.
California is poised to require panels on all new houses
By Andrew Khouri

California is set to become the first state to require solar panels on all newly built single-family houses. The mandate is expected to save buyers money in the long run but also raise their upfront costs at a time many are already struggling to afford a mortgage.

The state’s Energy Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday on the rules, which are expected to pass and take effect in 2020. The regulations, which would also apply to new multifamily buildings of three stories or fewer, don’t need the approval of the Legislature.

The new building standards — which also include updated insulation mandates — are a piece of California’s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions in coming decades. That will require sweeping policy changes to promote renewable energy, electric vehicles and even denser neighborhoods where people have to drive less for daily trips.

“This is going to be a significant increase in the solar market in California,” Kelly Knutsen of the trade group California Solar & Storage Assn. said of the new requirement. “We are also sending a national message that … we are a leader in the clean energy economy.”

I have a daughter out there now. If she's got to live in the U.S., I'm glad she's there. California really should secede.

It's mourning in America again.
New (“That inner-Nazi..”) was supposed to be ... ... a cautionary phrase
whereas, “I’d punch *him in the face!” … a quite early-on quote of the stumpin’ Drumpf: transforms it into an Imperative-for-The-Base
* never-mind gender; doubtless that do-Gooder Mother Theresa would have been fair-game for the tiny-fisted Avenger-without-a-Cause
(but only in the dark/no witnesses, no cameras.) His personal cowardice has always been writ in Neon across that flaccid butt.

Yup, we’ve now ceded CIEIO-status to the nastiest conscience-free Mafiosi a fictional-narrative might reach-for. It is a slur on decent bats everywhere to call this malevolent scourge “bat-shit”-crazy. I watch for whatever evidence that he ?may? yet scam his way out of ALL the documents, despite Kant (and any other Critiques of diluted-Reason out there.)

(Think I've yearned to be an ex-Pat for longer than I fully realized; always was the excuse of All That Paperwork™ and related drudgery.)
But now: it's a line right out of Mr. Dickens' Tale.
Would that we could secede, but it's just too likely that "friendly-low-yield nukes" would be the more restrained of the responses of Nurse Ratchitt-in-drag.

Carrion City ..das neue U.S.A.
     Front page of LA Times today. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
         (“That inner-Nazi..”) was supposed to be ... ... a cautionary phrase - (Ashton)

You getting this down?
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