whereas, “I’d punch *him in the face!” … a quite early-on quote of the stumpin’ Drumpf: transforms it into an Imperative-for-The-Base
* never-mind gender; doubtless that do-Gooder Mother Theresa would have been fair-game for the tiny-fisted Avenger-without-a-Cause
(but only in the dark/no witnesses, no cameras.) His personal cowardice has always been writ in Neon across that flaccid butt.

Yup, we’ve now ceded CIEIO-status to the nastiest conscience-free Mafiosi a fictional-narrative might reach-for. It is a slur on decent bats everywhere to call this malevolent scourge “bat-shit”-crazy. I watch for whatever evidence that he ?may? yet scam his way out of ALL the documents, despite Kant (and any other Critiques of diluted-Reason out there.)

(Think I've yearned to be an ex-Pat for longer than I fully realized; always was the excuse of All That Paperwork™ and related drudgery.)
But now: it's a line right out of Mr. Dickens' Tale.
Would that we could secede, but it's just too likely that "friendly-low-yield nukes" would be the more restrained of the responses of Nurse Ratchitt-in-drag.

Carrion City ..das neue U.S.A.