Thanks Alex!

I'm the paperwork person, so I have the majority of any answers needed, medical histories, personal achievements, lineage, well on dad's side, anyway. Mom's lineage is sketchy, because her mom was kidnapped and raised by Gypsies.

I can't think of any other answers I need from them. We've done the living will/POT's already. My brother is the POT first, and he's handling the majority of the banking. Mom still writes her own checks, and John and I deposit checks for her because we see her more often and can get them signed, and we have an ATM card for them. Oh, and she still has her organ job with me at the church.

Personal answers, are a little more cloudy. I'd like to understand Mom more, but I don't know if it's possible. Mom and I haven't ever agreed on much of anything, we have views that are complete opposites of the spectrum. That makes for real difficulties communicating at times because we simply can't understand one another.

Those words that Ashton told me about once, that have no set meaning, they only mean what the person using them is thinking, are the worst culprits. Words like easy, early, long time ago, have a different meaning every time we use them. For example, "A long time ago for me" means back when I lived at home, in my mind. In mom's, "A long time ago" can mean last week, last month, or last year.

Or simple words like box and crate. For me, a crate has holes in it and is more an open air container. for me, a box has enclosed sides and has only hand holds or other openings like banana boxes have. Mom will say she wants a crate and I bring her a crate and she wanted a box. So now I have to work really hard to define things correctly and it's very time consuming. (Of course in here, a BOX means a certain IWE member ;) Good thing she doesn't know that!)

And I don't mean to be complaining, I'm really just frustrated, but I don't have any other way to fix it other than to continue to clarify and clarify and get her to do the same.

For example, if someone asked you to buy them a CD case, what would YOU think of? ;)