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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Welcome, Prodigal
We of the Ancien Regime need to corral some of the folk quitting the greasy-kid-stuff and desirous of illuminating *con-versation {for the futchah!}
* ..with the ac'cent on the second syl-lab'-le, as in verse?

and not the first one: there are wayyy too Many 'con'-men already diluting the Giant-neuron-pool,
that which feeds those hordes of 21st Cent. Nintendo Eloi. I wot.
May IWE remain free-of, 12 minutes ago I had catfish for breakfast, with a Grandé, a whiff of triple-distilled Palmetto leaf + a drop of X-10000 $1K/gm. Zombie-pepper extract..
New Don't get me started on religious parables.
Managed a few interesting conversations outside of IWETHEY but they've been few and far between, generally last about one day at most. On the good side, I've reacquired my love of music and have been dabbling in art mostly for the hell of it. Not that my musical tastes have improved, nor is my hand steady enough for anything beyond entering text on a keyboard.
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I have a phone that doesn't ring, a line that doesn't sting, a letter never sent... I have a dream where snowflakes fall inside a painted hall... HA! THAT DON'T PAY THE RENT!
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