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New Re: Hey CritterR
Hanging in there I suppose. One of these days, parenting responsibilities will tail off. Middle child is fixing to graduate from college and has good leads on job prospects. Youngest is junior in H.S. but has been lax in pursuing drivers license... Hopefully get her out of H.S. and off to college after that. Gonna be weird having a five bedroom house to myself.

Work is insanely crazy. Next round of certifications for our medical software should be in place within the next four months. After that, there's a lot of fixing up to do. But that should tail off as well.

Between kids and work, hasn't left much time to do much than post mostly meaningless stuff on facebook these last few years - it does have the advantage of not requiring thought or defense. Question is what I'm gonna do once I level off and start having more time for myself.

New Must remember to use Subject Titles
Miss having threaded discussions. Might take a while to remember how they are conducted.
New It'll all come back to you. Muscle memory. :-)
Welcome back!

New Re: Hey CritterR
Good to hear thing are good with you (except for the wife thing)
send you a face book friend thing
and happy to see you back here
"Pictures are better then words because some words are big and hard to understand"
Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
New Re: Hey CritterR
Survival mode does tend to sharpen priorities. If I had it to do all over again, I'm pretty sure I'd make even dumber mistakes along the way. Anyhow, wouldn't say I'm totally back - that will require defenestrating kids once they reach age... and a return to the normally unreasonable expectations from the bosses. But it is nice to hear IWETHEY voices again.
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