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New Re: Purity trolls are pure. Understood.
Annoyance and motivation aside, he does regularly highlight injustice and criminal behavior in our government. My takeaway from his articles is not that one side/person is better than the other, but that supposed fundamental principles of our society are being shredded with impunity by people who are supposed to be our leaders and representatives. It is my belief that such persons should be stopped and the practice discouraged. "But somebody else did it first" or "He's only doing it to bad guys", or "Meanies in congress made this happen" seem to be inadequate responses. If a bit of arrogance and stridency is necessary to get the country back on track, I can live with it. Unfortunately, I suspect that the majority of the citizenry will shrug it off and nothing will change, except, possibly, for the worse.
New Thanks.
New My sentiments too re. his dogmatism, close enough..
That thing about 'The Law' (or referents to 'The Constitution') always beggars honest Belief!>
There is *nothing* / NOTHING within the er, average day's maya? [that picture show which is so often imagined to be some sort of Reality]
about which a sane person could say, that's a Certainty!

At least that is the Issue-filter whence I start wading through (especially: All Chains of 'deductive reasoning'.)
Mankind STILL ... lacks Scale and Relativity ..what, about 98.3% of the time?
Maybe too many years at CATO {ugh} could fog anyone's Noticing of the day's actual surrealism?--for most homo-saps.
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