Surely this 50+ year SCAM epitomizes all the ingredients which have morphed 'Capitalism' to its present-day Vulture form--
and also indicates the Means of subversion: baffle them with Bullshit. Over & Over: it's [too fucking[ CHEAP.

The absurdity of this example plus my run-in with incompetent legal advice (this County's use of some local 'College' to vet Small Claims cases: they MISSED entirely an over-riding Statute of Limitations)
demonstrates that the Rot trickles down.

(And, in my case: it's clear that the Vet Labor union successfully pushed, bought? got- through legislation making it near-impossible to obtain redress for incompetent acts.)
Further: Superior Court is priced out of range for all but the (former) upper-middle-class.
If there are any of those left.

Given the inertia and the seeming impossibility of getting the entire class of Patent Law completely re-written, with all that $$$ wanting it left in concrete:
Not in our lifetimes, I wot.
Add to the Permanent-FAIL list ... so many on there already.