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New Reading archives lately.
I've ben going through many archives lately, tracking how the PCI DSS got so stupid. V3.0 is looking to be even MORE insane and aimed Squarely at putting Windows Solutions in place on top of non-windows system...

I got side tracked and found this article about a certain Patent Troll:


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Surely this 50+ year SCAM epitomizes all the ingredients which have morphed 'Capitalism' to its present-day Vulture form--
and also indicates the Means of subversion: baffle them with Bullshit. Over & Over: it's [too fucking[ CHEAP.

The absurdity of this example plus my run-in with incompetent legal advice (this County's use of some local 'College' to vet Small Claims cases: they MISSED entirely an over-riding Statute of Limitations)
demonstrates that the Rot trickles down.

(And, in my case: it's clear that the Vet Labor union successfully pushed, bought? got- through legislation making it near-impossible to obtain redress for incompetent acts.)
Further: Superior Court is priced out of range for all but the (former) upper-middle-class.
If there are any of those left.

Given the inertia and the seeming impossibility of getting the entire class of Patent Law completely re-written, with all that $$$ wanting it left in concrete:
Not in our lifetimes, I wot.
Add to the Permanent-FAIL list ... so many on there already.

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